Where do I begin? HAPPY NEW YEAR?!

I took a break from writing blog posts in 2019; I vividly remember attempting to write a quick new year post in 2019 on a plane back to Houston from Nigeria which turned sour after sleep won. 2019 honestly wasn’t the smoothest of years for me but it truly ended up being my most fulfilling year, I made so many mistakes and learned from them which in turn, birthed so much growth so I understood why a lot of things happened the way they did in order for other things to fall into place. As most of you know, I work full time as a Sr accountant for an oil and gas company and also run my business Flair By Ashi  which takes majority of my spare time and on other days, I content create on my Instagram. With so many highs and lows, I decided to get back to my first love, blogging but for real this time; things will be changing after doing a bit of audit on myself.

What do I plan on improving?

  • De-clutter: If you’re like me and it feels like you have 500 tabs open in your head, so many emails and messages piling up, then let’s gather here right now and put an end to this! We have a serious problem. The height of it all is having so much old tangible stuff to get rid of – clothes, shoes, accessories, you name it. The goal is to get rid of ANYTHING not used in 12 months, anything that belongs to someone else, All those “just in case” items and LET THEM GO. Set limits to control what you can buy and keep. I’ve used these past few weeks to weed out so many items out. Most of them I’ve donated and others, I plan on giving away and selling.

Please follow me on my Instagram page and closet for sale items.

  • Procrastination: It’s no surprise they say it is the enemy of success; Let’s do ourselves a favor and stop making excuses for why we can’t get things done and focus on why we must make these things happen. I held off on so many things because I kept overthinking and playing out certain scenarios of how they would work out in my head which led to no results or actions.
  • Content: In Lieu of procrastination, we’re taking proper actions. The goal is to have at least one blog post a week on fashion, lifestyle or finance So please check here every Monday or Wednesdays for a blog post. I did quite a lot of travelling in 2019 which I plan to sharing with you based on the amount of questions I got from majority of my trips. I have lots of amazing posts to share with you so subscribe to my blog for more updates and don’t forget to enter my $200 giveaway here.

Lastly, I don’t think I say this enough but thank you so much for your support; I have day ones who’ve been riding with me through this boomerang journey and I appreciate you. I hope we can learn from each other in 2020 continue to help each other grow and blossom.

Here’s to taking action, sticking to our goals and making 2020 an epic one!

Until my next post.



Lots of love!

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  1. Ashley Styles
    June 28, 2020 / 6:27 am

    Great tips on de-cluttering. I totally agree and feel the same way. It is so important that we keep our environment orderly. I clear space definitely helps me with my flow. Also, love that fact that you have an improvement plan that you are actively working. I celebrate and definitely wish you continued success in your efforts.

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