Three Life Lessons You Need to Apply Right Away.

Ankara Wrap Midi dressOne thing I aspire to continue doing on this platform, is to share and be more transparent about the things I learn in life and one way or the other, encourage or inspire someone out there. With that, there are a few things I’ve learnt that apply to almost everything we do which a lot of us take for granted. Here they are;

  • If you don’t say it, it may never be said: what are you afraid of? why are you holding back your magic? why you do think your opinion doesn’t make a difference? Trust me, it does way more than you know.
  • If you don’t write it, it will never be written: I’m guilty of this too, I hold back on writing things, I store everything in my head thinking I’ll remember and boom, it disappears. I’ve learnt to write down almost every single thought that comes to mind about my goal and if possible share it with the world because we could all use slight magic.
  • If you don’t create it, it will never be created: So many people I know have amazing ideas but never implement them or start them. It will always be a dream until it becomes a success story.

Most of all, If you don’t believe in your story, it will never be told.

So I encourage you to practice these lessons like I am, as much as you can because the biggest risk is not taking any risk.


See you on my Next Post.





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