Introducing All New Motions Hair Care Line

I was so excited to find out Motions hair care has re-vamped their products with brand new packaging and now have a brand new line for natural hair textures. what! 

Motions hair care has always been a top leading brand in colored hair care; I am an avid user of their relaxer. The brand new hair care line is color coded, the darker colored packaging appears to be for the natural texture hair left and the lighter color packaging right is for relaxed or processed hair texture as seen in the above picture.

One of the major things that stood out to me besides the packaging, was how nice the product fragrance was and how they were easily grouped to target specific care such as treat & repair, nourish & care, enhance & define etc. My favorite product out of the relaxed hair care line has to be the sulfate-free cleanser which continues amila, coconut and vitamin e oils that help to repair and restore hair shine without depleting its moisture.

The deep conditioning Masque (first from left) : is an intensive weekly treatment which includes shea butter, avocado and coconut oils to help revive dry curls and make them very manageable.

Hydrate My Curls Hair Pudding: This is very moisturizing and is needed to increase hair moisture and help in the reduction of hair frizzing to make curls appear shinier. the texture is very silky and doesn’t feel heavy on your hair.

Versatile Texture Defining Cream: This is a one stop product, I love it because you can apply it on the go and it’s convenient for almost or any style you choose, braids, wash and go, coils and rod sets. They work really well for bantu nots.

The radiating hair gloss and straight finish sealer (far right) helps with natural hair that have been exposed to any form of heat by straightening or curling irons;  they provide light weight body and shine to improve hair moisture and control frizzing

The cleansers are also my fave because they contain natural hair oils such as shea butter, avocado and coconut oils that help to remove build up, detangle, restore moisture and help the hair maintain its natural body and curls. The moisturizing cleanser targets natural curls and it’s moisture and the heat styled straight finish cleanser provide protection with Keratin treatment to provide instant moisturization before or after applied heat.


Final thoughts: Would I recommend? yes, because it’s a great product and it’s very inexpensive and affordable, I know there are a lot of natural hair products out there but a lot are cringing when it comes to price and quality so knowing you’re paying for good quality for less is a steal! Only thing I wish is that the natural hair cleansers are sulfate-free as well. Above all I would say check it out when it hits the stores.



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