Casual Pants

Happy Memorial Day Beautifuls!

The weather looks so lovely, I’m getting ready to crash a lot of pool parties lol …

I’m currently preparing for a little something with my fam




I’m on a search for pants like this for summer!! oh they are so comfortable 


Outfit Details

Top-Bisou Bisou (JCpenney)

Pants: Zara

Flats: burlington (zigi ny)

Bag: Amrita Singh





Went for a bridal shower this weekend with my sisters and we had a wonderful time with awesome people, lots to eat and drink. After this weekend/holiday I have to take my butt Running to burn off all this yummyness I’ve consumed over the past days and even about to lol. I love food!!!

Anyways Dearies, Enjoy your memorial day if your in the States!

Have a Blessed day 🙂

lots of L.O.V.E


  1. May 27, 2013 / 8:12 pm

    OMGGGGGGGGGG the pants are everything!!! The name of that store is Triple Optic hun! Happy Shopping!!!

  2. May 27, 2013 / 8:25 pm

    You look amazing, can't wait to be done with exams so summer finally starts for me, ughh I should go back to studying :p

  3. May 27, 2013 / 8:37 pm

    Hot!you all look your pants $ top x

  4. May 27, 2013 / 9:51 pm

    The pants are lovely…wish I could lay my hands on one.

  5. Anonymous
    May 27, 2013 / 9:54 pm

    Am soooooooo loving ur outfit!

  6. May 28, 2013 / 11:40 am

    Amazin pants sweety;))) xoxo

  7. May 28, 2013 / 12:50 pm

    The three of you are stunning. Those pants are the business btw

  8. Anonymous
    May 30, 2013 / 1:12 pm

    U n ur sisters are all stunning! Do they have blogs too?

  9. June 3, 2013 / 12:27 am

    You and your sisters look amazing, Hope you had a great time at the cookouts!

  10. June 13, 2013 / 9:06 pm

    Those are amazing pants…everything but casual! Looking amazing and love the blog. Lovely to have ound it and really hope to stay in touch 🙂

    xoxo Gozika

  11. July 23, 2013 / 3:47 pm

    I love your style, effortless, not so much going on and you are so pretty…:)

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