My state with kings

*Finals Week*I want it to end quickly! to me, this is the best way to take a little break from the studying besides twitting or checking out youtube videos.I realized I needed a break the moment I stared into my textbook for almost 20minutes straight without understanding one thing. Story of my life huh? The reason I created this blog was to solely release my thoughts into words/wisdom, not just about fashion (which I get tempted to do alot btw) comprehend? My week in general has been full of surprises good and bad. God help us with the type of stories we hear and learn from everyday; life indeed is amusing. So never fail to be thankful! If your reading this and you have upcoming finals like I do
I wish you the best of luck! (but make sure you study though lol) 

  • FUTURE WISH LIST: Twins! although I am still a twenty something year old good looking lady *grins* with no plans of getting married anytime soon let alone have kids;  I want twins! I want to believe it runs in my family since I have twin siblings (non-identical) male and female who are so adorable and funny. God please answer my future prayers o lol jk but on a serious note though I really want twins; there is just something tantalizing about it. Thanks to technology, you can plan to have them but AT ALL O! I want the natural type…the type that will do racing competition to get to the egg (funny ideology) lol 

I remembered this after watching this video of Channy and Chrissy, they are so cute and adorable. check them out and you’d see what I mean. Watching them talk makes me smile and WISH! they’re funny too

ok let me get back to studying!chao!


  1. December 12, 2011 / 5:56 am

    Twins are adorable.

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