June 16, 2016

Punta Cana Travel Diary Part 2


The week is almost over; it was just Monday few days back right? Time is surely flying quickly.
Today's post is an extension of my Punta Cana travel post done Here. I'm also featuring my lovely beach bag or tote from Charming Charlie .
I still have a lot to share with you from the trip so I hope you enjoy and keep reading! 

Outfit Details
Wearing a Romper as a Top get Similar Here
Skirt: C/O Shein Here similar Here
Flats: Gucci Here
Bag/Beach Bag; C/O Charming Charlie Here

Photo's by @Shadesusa

Can you believe this shoot was taken few hours before our flight back to the States, I promise you.
Punta Cana was alot of fun and it was a very relaxing trip like I stated in the first part of the Punta Cana Travel Diary Here 

I wanted to experience and watch the sun rise; so woke up between 6am and 7am to watch it rise. It was a bit earlier than I thought because the Sun rose 7:30/7:45am but it was worth the wait if you ask me.

For sites to visit, I can recommend a few to you based on the activities we loved and due to time constraint, we were not able to complete it all.
Here are a few;

Definitely check out Downtown Punta Cana
Night Life and Parties: visit Coco Bongo Club (it will destroy any other experience you've had at another club) - too live!
To explore a beautiful private beach: Playa Macao (great for surfing)
To visit a Natural Cave pool: Salvaleon De Higuey
Try a lot of tourist excursions to open so much more the city has to offer like Boat cruises, Snorkelling, Under water walking and Ziplining.

A local favorite drink to indulge in was their well known "Mamajuana" aka "Mucho potential"; it was made up of some local herbs which to me was quite similar to the "Abo Drink' we have in Nigeria but a whole lot sweeter.

I hope you're enjoying my everyday blog!

Make sure you check back tomorrow to see what my new post is about.

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  1. Love your outfit Hun x


  2. I love that first photo of the water! The photos are all lovely and thanks for the added tips on what to do/look for in Punta Cana.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  3. Love the bright colours ! You look gorgeous !


  4. I love some of my favourite colours are very much present in your wardrobe this season. i.e the green and blue

  5. Wow the colors are so beautiful! You dressed perfectly for Punta Cana!


  6. Soooo cute! It's like you took a professional photographer with ya, I can barely get my hubby to take a non blurry photo, lol.


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