November 9, 2015

Suede Shirt Dress + Gladiators


Hope you had a lovely weekend? Mine was filled with fun-filled activities; I attended a wedding on Saturday, hung out with amazing people and went for a birthday party at Chuky E Cheese Sunday. I kid you not, I started having serious baby fever just looking at lil kids running around back and forth, can't wait to have mine.

Outfit Details
Dress: Zara Dress get similar here  love this color Here 
Shoes: Get Here
Coat: Get Here 

I recently posted a picture wearing this same dress but styled differently here . The richness of suede is so appealing to me, faux or genuine it'll forever have my heart. I kind of wished this dress was a tad bit longer so I could rock it to the office and other places without showing them too much legs but I can always wear a midi or pencil skirt over it to switch up the look a little bit. 

I asked you to share your thoughts with me on how to deal with tough situations on my last post and I got quite a few responses. I sincerely appreciate everyone who took their time to leave a comment and also an advice to walk away with, God bless you, I am much better now.

Wishing you a very lovely week and hope everything you set your mind to the week will be accomplished.
Lots of love xo

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  1. Love it

  2. I loveee you hair
    You look flawless as always...
    Glad you are much better

  3. the last picture!!! beautiful. love the colors together

  4. It is just so amazing to see how beautiful your sense of style has grown. I love your outfit and I def can't wait to get a gladiator sandals myself

  5. great colours!

    perfect look

  6. Lusting after your gladiators madam. Nice look.

  7. Love the color combination.. Really Cute Outfit!

    Tega Enai

  8. In love with this look, love the color scheme

    Agnes x

  9. This is amazing !!! The color combination is a 100 and those gladiators are to die for . Perfectly slayed

  10. Gorgeous, lovely colour's and ure so beautiful

  11. Great outfit! You lady look beautiful and sexy with carmal colour. It's suitable with you. I love this look!

    Kisses from Khanh,


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