December 16, 2014

Burgundy & Camel


I'm Wearing
F21 white button down shirt  Here, Zara camel coat old but similar Here and Here, Zara pants similar here, VS leopard pumps here and F21 hat here

Let me admit it, blogging brings out the cool in me most times; I stay in Houston Texas where sometimes stepping out in a long outer coat may pose as "too much" or "over sabi" but in the blog world it's awesomely OK, I believe you wear whatever you feel comfortable in So, whenever I step out and I see the weird looking glances at me, I just tell myself that I'm too cool for school ;) get like me. 

I've been falling in love with hats lately, trust me when I say its a battle when trying to find the perfect hat that sits on this oblong head of mine just fine but my perspective changed  when I found this contrast hat at Forever 21 for just 14.99 let me cut the story short, I need this in more colors! preferably camel and blue

WOW the year is coming to an end pretty soon, it was just the first of the month not too long ago right?
I have my Christmas gift ideas coming soon to share with y'all!

Tons of gift ideas :) 

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lots of love xoxo


  1. absolutely beautiful. Burgundy and camel together never looked sooo good.

  2. Love the colours. I agree you are definitely too cool for school

  3. Please abeg do some lipstick collection post... I always admire xx

  4. Loving the too cool school look. The coat is amazing and I love the colour pairing.

    Princess Audu

  5. great outfit :) you look amazing :)

  6. Absolutelly loved this outfit! You inspired me so much :)
    Hara, xoxo

  7. Too beautiful

  8. This is very chic, and I love the hat! I have a big head too, and it's hard to find any that will fit not just my head, but my sometimes big natural hair too.

    Berry Dakara

  9. Totally love this look. Chic and effortlessly put together!!


  10. i love the look hun

  11. I recently got into hats myself, and now I can't seem to stop lol!

    Great blog and you look fab

  12. I'm getting a stylish detective vibe from your outfit. I actually love every single item you're wearing!

    Thy Bliss Calls

  13. This outfit is on point! I'm loving everything about it!!

  14. Gorgeous outfit! Love the mix of colors!

  15. never thought that burgundy and camel color look so perfect
    loved ur celine bag

  16. yes burgundy on your skin tone is extra beautiful :)

  17. Great style as usual! You did a great job when you dress for yourself and to wear what makes you not only look good, but most importantly what makes you feel good. I love the way you use the colors. They're well mixed and balanced.

    Have a great holiday,
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  18. Love the blend of colours .nice everything

  19. one of my fav outfits! love burgundy and even better on you

  20. wow!!!! totally chic outfit!!!! xoxo


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