January 31, 2014


                      Happy Friday My lovely readers :)
I'm so glad the weekend is almost here, it's been a long week so far!

Outfit Details
Top: Thrift Store similar HERE and HERE
Skirt: C/O Sammy Dress (HERE)
Shoes: Asos (HERE) love this HERE
Belt: Zara (sold out)

It's been a while since I rekindled my love for thrift store shopping; I used to get really excited to hunt down stores and find the best of deals or staple/stand out pieces so after one more trip to the store I was flabbergasted when I laid my eyes on this embellished sweater for less than $2 I knew it was making it to the blog instantly! 

I'm really in love with my Skirt sent from Sammy Dress;  I remember getting inspired from my collab post with my friend Louisa and thought to give a tulle skirt a try, I was so surprised this skirt cost below $14 after seeing how much similar  cost on Asos and Topshop. The quality is quite impeccable I must say because I did have my doubts but I was sure wrong! the fullness of the skirt even adds to the features that made me love it even more, I decided to go all the way and wear all black versus a pop of color which I wouldn't mind doing considering my love for colors but overall I love the simplicity of the look :)  

Let me know what you think?

Have a wonderful day/weekend!

January 28, 2014

Oversized Native

Outfit Details
Sweater:  Rachel Roy love this HERE and HERE
Top: Similar HERE and HERE
Pants: Zara similar HERE and HERE love this HERE
Shoes: Zara similar HERE and really love this HERE
Glasses:  C/O Firmoo Glasses HERE

Hello My lovely people!
Hope you've had a great start to your week and your weekend went fabulous? I really enjoyed my mine, it consisted of lots of sleep, went to the movies to see "Lone Survivor" which was truly a great movie filled with sadness and joy; it had me in tears at the end (I tried so hard to hold it in welp) I rounded up by watching the grammy's with the boo, I found it entertaining and very funny.

We constantly battle with the bipolar weather in Texas, somewhat frustrating at times but I have no complaints because I'd rather swim in high/lows than low/low. Thanks to the weather I found the sweater of life, I stumbled upon it while shopping with a friend of mine and I had to snag it! it's unique, warming, beautiful and oohh so comfortable, I knew I had to add some jazz to it while heading out so I paired it with my Leopard Glasses from firmoo. it's so beautiful, stylish and frames my face in a very flattering way; it was nicely packaged and came with extra tools to tighten any loose nut in the long run.

Firmoo carries different varieties of glasses, ships worldwide and also caters to people with prescriptions and Rx and ofcourse to any one who is heading for a trendy look. Check them out to see their various styles.

Hope you enjoyed this post! see you on my next post :)
Stay Blessed!


January 22, 2014

Velvet, Lace and Ruffles

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Hey Loves!
How una dey? (How's everything with you) 
This was an outfit I wore to a Nigerian wedding last year, I got so many requests to show the full outfit after posting it on my Instagram page (@ironyofashi) I found some pictures and here is the full outfit.
It was such a beautiful occasion and the bride and groom were absolutely stunning. 

The outfit was designed by yours truly (Me) but made by KACHI DESIGNS (was so glad she was able to make it for me because I went through various people who thought the style was too complicated in my opinion she SLAYED it and brought my simple illustration to life) 

I'm back to making more videos on  YouTube, so please check out my videos and subscribe to my channel :)

January 20, 2014

Colorfully Layered


Hello Loves!
Hope you're all having a lovely day? Hope your weekend went fantastic!

Am I the only one who hates cold weather and can't wait for spring to come? I try my best to keep warm at all times. This is just a peak of how I stay warm during the cold weather days especially in Texas being known for its super bipolar weather. I believe in extensive and colorful layering. 
The good side about layered clothes are the fact you can always take off one piece of clothing when you start to fell tad bit warm.

I just wanted to share a lil post with you my loves! I will be back with many more posts :)

How do you stay warm in the cold?



January 15, 2014

Mad about Sheinside

shades of grey

Hello Everyone!
Hope your week is going as planned? 

Alot of you are probably familiar with Sheinside.
Don't worry If your not, awesome news awaits you! it is an international based shopping website which ships world wide and carries a wide variety of items; you instantly fall in love just browsing through the first page of their products. 
it was called to my attention by surfing the internet and also checking out few other blogs, I must say I adore a lot of their pieces, they carry unique and affordable clothes and definitely one that catches my eye. 
I drooled while checking out the website and these are a few of the pieces I picked out that I would love to add to my wardrobe. I've been loving neutral colors with a pop of color so I incorporated grey one of my fav colors with purple as a pop and lovely accessories to complete the look.

Hope you like!

Find Items Here: 

Grey Lapel Tweed Coat: Find (HERE)
Grey long sleeve Blouse: Find (HERE)
Purple Flared Midi skirt: Find (HERE)
Blue Geometric Necklace: Find (HERE)
Transparent Clutch: Find  (HERE)
Gemstone Earrrings: Find (HERE)

Lots of Love

January 8, 2014

A Touch Of Fur....

TOP/SWEATER: ShopAkira sold out but love this (HERE & HERE)
SKIRT: Zara similar (HERE
SHOES: VS similar (HERE)
FUR COLLAR:  very affordable/comes in many colors and great quality (HERE & HERE)
LIPSTICK : my fave right now(HERE)

(hair details coming soon!!)

Buy Fur Collar great price (HERE)

Hello Beautiful people!
I'm glad to be back on regular schedule :) Being that this is my first "real post" of 2014. 
The holidays brought so many joyous moments; both with family and friends, I can't wait to share with you some of my lovely gifts I received on Christmas which will make awesome blog posts. My boyfriend and I went to see the wolf on wall street movie, it was super long (3hrs) but so worth the wait, Leonardo is a phenomenal actor without no doubt.

Never underestimate the capabilities of a fur stole! The cold weather definitely has its way of bringing out the worse in people, the pressure to wear dark clothes, eat uncontrollably and cover up with baggy clothes dawns on majority of us. Almost seems like  there's a conflict between dressing up and keeping warm so with any outfit  I always love to incorporate colors as most of you know and the touch of fur sealed the deal and gave me that warmth I sought for and did I forget to add "glam"?  I instantly turned into a glam doll (whoop whoop) thanks to the fur collar. It keeps getting colder and colder so that means more winter looks coming on the blog! so stayed tuned.
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