March 22, 2013

Hair time!!!! plus Video

Hey people! Its Friday woop woop! 
So as you can see from the title of the post its all about my hair,
 I've been getting  lots of questions, emails and messages about it so I decided to share info about it, 
"Girl where did you get your hair at?" lol
 hopefully I can answer all your questions 

I am wearing hair provided by a hair company called "Sway Hair"
They are located in Maryland and provide high quality Indian, Brazilian and Peruvian hair 
 Free shipping is provided  with in U.S. and they also ship  worldwide/internationally 
In my posts, I've been rocking the "Indian curly hair" in lengths 22'' and 24" 24'' 
I have had the hair installed  for 2 and a half months 

The only thing this hair needs is water and conditioner and bam!
  Low maintenance curly hair : I was very skeptical about curly hair and its maintenance but I was pleased with the "shake and go" technique with this hair. I spray water with the help of a spray bottle to revive the curls, shake and go! I use organix conditioner and creme of nature argan oil polisher to help add a little more shine to the hair.

High quality hair: I am impressed by the quality of the hair; although its curly, I have straightened, curled with flat iron, curling wand, bendy rollers and washed the hair countless times and it was still able to retain the same quality or better.

Minimal Shedding and tangling: I have experienced minimum shedding with this hair due to the fact of its curly nature, minimum shedding is allowed but It doesn't tangle, it tangled briefly before its first wash but after the wash, I never experienced any again.

Its a family thing: lol thought I should include this, my sister also purchased the hair and raves about it every minute. Anytime we receive compliments we always say "sway hair of life" hehe

Compliments compliments compliments! I think this is one of the highlights of rocking this hair, the numerous comments and compliments I got on it. I felt I was a brand spokes model.

Hair in its natural state

PicMonkey Collage
After I straightened the hair
Curled with a curling iron
curled using bendy rollers

***Company info**** check the company out 
Sway hair Website
Facebook page here
instragram here 
email INFO@SWAYHAIR.COM to get $15 off any bundle of any hair type you choose, tell them I sent you!

One thing I know is buying good quality hair is an investment so buy good hair that you can reuse anytime you wish and that will last you over time. I am indeed glad I have one! 

Also check out my video on the hair 

If your interested, 
Get $15 dollar off any bundle of hair by contacting them via email INFO@SWAYHAIR.COM

Hope I gave enough information for you all wondering, if not, feel free to comment below and ask
happy a lovely weekend loves!


March 18, 2013

Print so Bright


Happy Monday!
I'm in school currently, turning in my homework due and wishing spring break wasn't over
On the other hand back to reality and looking forward to my busy week.
hope you had a lovely weekend! I had a blast yes yes!
IMG_2562-001 IMG_2550-001
Although I'm tired of high shoulder pads from vintage blazers, this blazer is absolutely stunning!
I included it in my thrift store haul video HERE so check it out
shirt- ebay similar HERE
blazer- thrift store $5 similar HERE
necklace- urbanblu3 boutique
pants- burlington similar HERE
shoes- zara


Giving away this gorgeous necklace with matching earrings from Urbanblu3 boutique seen in the above picture (start off to a great week right) *dancing*

Rules to win this necklace:
Like Urbanblu3 boutique on facebook here
leave a comment below letting me know you are interested.

Give away is open for a week from today and winner will be randomly chosen

March 15, 2013

Quick day to night

I was a little hesitant to post this but thanks to my lovely Facebook friends, I did
  Imagine one of those days you're about to go out and you decide to take pictures really quickly with the little 15 minutes you have to leave the house; it took place hehe
 So I apologize for the picture quality.
IMG_2298 IMG_2336 IMG_2337
top, pants and shoes:Zara (sold out)
belt: thrift store

IMG_2315 IMG_2437
I took this picture after attacking a huge plate of food lol don't judge me
I am Zara'd up in this picture lol
shoes, pants, top and bag :ZARA (sold out)

                         Thank God its Friday, unfortunately spring break is about to be over and I shall return to "school girl" lol
                                                                    which look do you prefer? day or night?
                                                                        Hope you enjoy your weekend! 
     lots of love :) 


March 9, 2013

My New Found Love(s)

IMG_2474 IMG_2468 IMG_2470 IMG_2473

Hello Darlings!! hope your having a lovely weekend! 
Thought to show you my fav collective shoe purchases since January; you probably recognized few from my previous posts. Everything here cost me a little under $110  (yay for end of season sales) yes yes yes :)  The cheapest being the bow flats from F21 which cost $7.99 and the most expensive being $29.99 (the spiked pointed heels from Zara). Every other shoe cost me between 9.99 - 19.99, I run crazy for good sales and I'm happy I got these.
which is your fav shoe?

Currently in Dallas with my parents and I'm enjoying time away from Houston
Have a Wonderful weekend!!

March 4, 2013

The Wind is my Friend

It's Monday oooo! Happy new month!!!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend peeps?
IMG_1990 IMG_1989 IMG_2026
Don't let the sun deceive you! it was windy to the core that day...but on the bright side the wind cooperated with me and made my pictures come out very covergirlish lol 
BTW my 9 year old sister Buchi, took this pictures (she murdered it) 
IMG_2012 IMG_2031
So two weeks ago my high school friend came into town to visit and we went out to grab few drinks, eat and gist till our mouths hurt lol. It was fun and this was what I wore. 
I love the mix of textures (leather and cotton), it adds that edginess to any look and it screams ASHI!! hehe 
IMG_1993 IMG_2011 IMG_1970
shirt-zara (sold out)
pants- zara similar HERE
boots- ebay  glasses- urban outfitters (spitfire)
vest- zara (sold out) similar HERE
handbag- Zara (HERE)
Beautiful girls and their outfits  Odion and Bubu!
It always fun hanging out with friends from high school :) 
This past weekend was awesome, three of my sisters celebrated their birthdays and I was there and present! I appreciate the little time I get to spend with my family and friends and I hope you do too.

Have A wonderful day and Awesome week!!!
lots of love 
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