September 6, 2013

Mermaid on the wall (I wish)

Hello Everyone!!!
I told you I'd be back soon, didn't I? 
IMG_9861 IMG_9867 IMG_9839 IMG_9848 IMG_9827-001 IMG_9872 IMG_9837

First off, I would do myself no good if I didn't mention that this outfit cost under $25 yes 25 US dollarssssss.
 Your probably thinking BCBG right? I know I was inspired by them too but NO! This outfit was bought at JCpenney. Its unbelievable the lovely things I've been finding there lately, its always been one of my fave stores and this outfit shows why :) talk about looking chic on a budgettttt. It fit a lil loose because of the size I bought but It didn't stop me from rocking it.
With no further do, go check them out and shop for a good bargain!

PANTS- (HERE $11.99)

Tell me what you think about it!
Once again have a fab weekend folks :) 
see you on my next post

September 4, 2013

Always Grin up!

IMG_9920 IMG_9891 IMG_9890 IMG_9877 IMG_9888 IMG_9886 IMG_9911 IMG_9887 IMG_9898
Top- ShopAkira similar HERE
pants- Zara similar here
Blazer- Similar HERE
shoes: Similar HERE
bag: Kate Spade (thrift store)
IMG_9897 IMG_9924

I'm ready for y'all but U.E.N.O you ain't even know lol (felt like saying that)
You can never go wrong with a tailored/fashionable blazer, throw it on and bring any bleh outfit to life!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend/holiday,
As for me I had such a swell time from barbecues to having fun with friends and family. I can't complain! I'm cooking up so much for more blog and I'm super excited.
It's funny how I get more excited just by the thought of it.
 I have much more posts to come so stay tuned.
Appreciate all the loving support :)


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