August 2, 2013


Happy new months guys and happy Friday!!!
The weather is looking too cool today :)
I've had a super long week, Finally had my last presentation for business school went pleasantly well and I can't wait till graduation this summer :)
My excitement is beyond words I tell you!
agatah redone (2) IMG_9296 IMG_9234
To go with my casual Friday flow, I thought it would be appropriate to share with you this wonderful SHIRT HERE by a very talented designer whom I know. I fell in love with his designs and decided to create a simple look.
I dressed it up a little to show how versatile it can be with styling; feel free to throw on a blazer with the shorts and head out shopping or to hang out with your friends.
 IMG_9236 IMG_9238 photo (3)
The shirts are personally hand painted by him and they are of such great quality, which makes it simple to throw on and head out! Did I mention they are Unisex both men and women can rock it!
(I see my male readers smiling lol)

Do check his other DESIGNS HERE You will love it!

I have many more posts to come.
For now, have a fabulous weekend and God Bless!


  1. Love ur skirt!!! N d shirts are really creative! It has an embroidery look goin on :)
    And like I always say..I LOVE UR HAIR!!!

    The Fashion Engineer

  2. That's so exciting that you're graduating business school : ) Hope your presentation went well! And those shirts really are gorgeous I can only imagine how long it took for him to handpaint each one.

  3. Congrats on ur grad- @ first look it does look like embroidery. I love all things handmade

  4. The shirts are really Lovely
    congratulations in advance on your Graduation!

  5. Lovely shirts.
    I love ur casual chic look.

  6. Really nice shirts! I like how you paired with the skirt. Someone like me would wear it with a black skirt only :p

  7. nice

  8. Lovely skirt

  9. yay!!suporting ofili. That's why i like you, such a kind heart..

  10. Love how you paired it with the shorts and the multi colored skirt. Very lovely look.

  11. amazing tops and I also like how you have worn them with a pair of shorts & skirt

  12. Beautiful skirt.. love the designs on the top


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