May 27, 2013

Casual Pants

Happy Memorial Day Beautifuls!
The weather looks so lovely, I'm getting ready to crash a lot of pool parties lol ...
I'm currently preparing for a little something with my fam

IMG_7998 IMG_7984 IMG_7995
I'm on a search for pants like this for summer!! oh they are so comfortable 
Outfit Details
Top-Bisou Bisou (JCpenney)
Pants: Zara
Flats: burlington (zigi ny)
Bag: Amrita Singh
IMG_7985 IMG_8017 IMG_7983-001 IMG_8011

Went for a bridal shower this weekend with my sisters and we had a wonderful time with awesome people, lots to eat and drink. After this weekend/holiday I have to take my butt Running to burn off all this yummyness I've consumed over the past days and even about to lol. I love food!!!

Anyways Dearies, Enjoy your memorial day if your in the States!
Have a Blessed day :)
lots of L.O.V.E

May 26, 2013

As White As......

Happy Sunday my lovely readers,
Hope you all are enjoying your memorial weekend? I've been having a blast with mine.

  IMG_8207IMG_8206 IMG_8222
I have been more open to exploring more places lately and It's really exciting (yay for free time before summer school) also went to a family friend's bridal shower with my sisters and I can't wait to share the pictures with y'all, we had so much fun that I crashed on my bed immediately I got home.
IMG_8209 IMG_8215 IMG_8233-001
My love for blazers is beyond explanation, its definitely something I consider with almost every outfit I plan to wear. So I had to switch to light airy blazers that wouldn't work up sweat this season and I'm glad I found this ...ended up pairing it with my chiffon pants from Zara I've been dying to rock lol. Perfect blend of colors I must  say, I love it! 
Getting all my long flowy pants ready for the horrendous weather to come in Houston.  
Outfit Details:
Blazer: Antonio Melani similar HERE
Pants: Zara HERE
shoes: Zara
Necklace: Jcpenney

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day loves!
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May 23, 2013

VIDEO: How I Care for My Curly Hair Daily

Hey Beauty's it's been a while
I am done with finals so I'm glad to be back to blogging as frequent as I can. Yippie!
This is a late post... I posted the video few weeks ago but my forgetful self forgot to post it up.

**PRODUCTS** from left to right
  • Creme of nature Argan oil gloss and shine polisher (smells really good) - For radiant shine and protection
  • Creme of nature Argan oil edge control : Perfect for my Edges, it doesn't leave residue and keeps my edges sleek. 
  • FX curls up "curl reactivator& defrizzant) : Love this product, it helps to reactivate curls and bring my curls to Life it has an incredible smell but it tends to build up after several uses which is not really a problem since I co-wash the hair weekly.
  • Spray Bottle with Water (with or with out conditioner) : This is the most important thing you will need with any curly hair. 


***This video is just my method of maintenance, yours might be really different but I'm sharing mine ..hopefully it will help***
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hope you enjoy it!!

Hair In the picture is by D.S hair extensions (brazillian ocean wavy 22"24"26" 18" closure)
Discount code : IRONYOFASHI20 for $20 off
**website** HERE
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More posts coming soon :D excited!
Have a wonderful day.


May 7, 2013

White Eloquence

Hey folks! Happy new month!
Before I start, do me a favor and go check out lovely Brenda's blog canneverbeaskinnybish on my feature HERE. Really excited to share it because I admire her& her goofy self, she has such a cheerful personality and I enjoy reading her blog. So kindly go support her and show her some love :) 
This is somewhat a quick outfit post.
Got a last minute invite to an event, looked everywhere in my closet for what to wear since it was a  very formal occasion and then I found this dress I bought from Asos about 3years ago (when Asos clothing had amazing quality) not that they don't now but compared to before their current quality kinda sucks. (my opinion) which I forced myself to wear having no other option.
I had an amazing time at the event.

Dress-Asos (3years ago)
shoe and necklace- zara

I'm almost done with finals...YES YES thank God, my life will be back to normal lol
Wishing the best of luck to those with finals ...your almost there
Have an amazing day darlings
lots of love!

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