January 29, 2013

Florals and Burgundy

Hey my fellow lovers :) hope your having a fab week!
My weekend was totally awesome, although it didn't end so great ...I can definitely say it was a blast.
Attended a house gathering on Friday (too gbaski) then took few pictures with the help of my brother Abbot after my Saturday morning class and went for my job's new year party on Sunday which was also awesome!
IMG_1410 IMG_1427
I love mixing colors!!! I'm sure this is no new thing to you lol.
This blazer has been catching trips in my closet SO I decided to spice it up with burgundy pants which I just got recently (yay for great sales) and this lovely mustard top and grey platform heels I also snagged at a great price :D
IMG_1450 IMG_1476
The wind + my hair + me = FIRE lol
IMG_1414 IMG_1517 IMG_1498 IMG_1529
Blazer - Zara (soldout) similar HERE
Pants: Zara (sold out) similar HERE
Sunglasses HERE
Shirt: love culture similar HERE
shoes: Zara (sold out)
Purse : Coach

So I've been requested to make videos so if you haven't subscribed to my YOUTUBE do so because I will be posting fun videos! yes yes :)
so if you have any ideas, feel free to chime in

Have a wonderful day loves!
xoxo Agatha :)

January 20, 2013

Romantic ruffles

Hey my lovely people!
wait I know I'm going to be roasted, considering my lack of posts...please ohh  my apologies I have valid excuses :) 
I've been getting lots of stuff prepared and I'd be in tune in no time 
This past few months I did no shopping at all and I've been recycling all my outfits but I have to change that sometime this month because spring is creeping up soon. Anyways, HAPPY MLK DAY! 

IMG_1368 IMG_1364 IMG_1356
new hair!! you like?

What I'm wearing: Top & belt from ebay (sold out) have a DIY on how to achieve the ruffles coming soon
skirt: forever21
IMG_1332 IMG_1351

Gotta run to bed, my pillow is calling me lol
Thanks to my baby brother Abbot for the wonderful photos/video
watch the video below 



January 3, 2013

Strolling down Memory Lane


Happy New Year Beautiful people!
It's been such a lovely journey through 2012 :)  very fruitful and colorful!
thank you for the bountiful ove!
Decided to show some of my best looks from 2012,
 y'all made it fun for me so I hope you enjoyed all of it!as2 as4 as8 as7 as9 as6 as1
Its been a blast! hope some of my looks gave you some type of inspiration :)
what are your favorite looks?

January 1, 2013

Be Grateful!

From plane crashes, to accidents, mass shootings, Obama being re-elected for 4more years (whoop whoop!), hurricanes, flooding and more shootings, world ending December 22 (lol); 2012 indeed came with a lot of trials and tribulations.
For some it seemed like the end and couldn't get any better
It's been such a tough ride but God has been oh so loving and has kept us through all this; which is why the title of my post is "Be grateful" 

  • Count your blessings and remain thankful for life, being healthy and having people who care for you/love you dearly.
  • Always smile because a quick smile brightens everything
  • Never forget to thank people who have contributed to your life in a positive way or even not so positive (it made you stronger) 
  • Everyone deserves a second chance after all, no one is perfect and you are no exception
  • Try to let go of your emotions once in a while, cry and laugh after crying; its part of life
  • Most of all love yourself and be yourself ; try to always think positive and attain the best you can achieve by setting standards for yourself 
PS  I truly appreciate every single one of you for the continued support on ironyofashi.com I've been overwhelmed by its success and it means a lot to me cause it inspires me everyday. 2012 was pretty hectic but of all the things I learnt the most, I will always be grateful.
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*yelling* Happy new year =)
Love you all!!!
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