July 16, 2012

My First Give-Away whoop whoop!

Happy Monday my fellow people!
So to start off this wonderful week, I have my very first giveaway (so excited)
Always had it on my mind but as usual, time has been a major obstruction.
Just a simple way of telling you guys I absolutely appreciate the love and support I receive wholeheartedly
Of course! it is open WORLD WIDE to everyone (yes you heard me!)

First will be Amrita Singh reversible necklace which is absolutely stunning and is such a great statement piece along with these Asos Ball earrings
The back reverses to Black!

Second will be a Zara pearl chain belt and a Asos leopard cuff


Everything is brand new/packaged and used only for picture purposes!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

**very simple**
1) you MUST be my friend via Google friend connect (you just need an email address to do that)
short cut Click here to join  or check the bottom of the page for the tab  that says "join this site"

2) you MUST like "IronyofAshi" on facebook

3) you MUST leave a comment below so I know you entered

for extra points follow IronyofAshi on Twitter and share it on facebook
That's IT!
Now to the lovely Prizes!
I will be giving four lucky prizes i.e. TWO prizes to TWO lucky winners
Fellas can also participate, you can win it for your friend, girlfriend, sister or wife =)

It is open for 30 days so there's no rush *smiles*

Winner will be chosen randomly

Take care guys! See you on my next post 
Have a wonderful day!


July 9, 2012

Bang bang bang...a lil video

 Happy new month! hope you had a lovely weekend/mini holiday for those who enjoyed the 4th of July all the way through their week.
As you know from the last post I had, I spent my 4th of July with my family and I also attended the Wizkid concert here in Houston; It was beyond amazing, I'm sad because my  summer classes start all over again today but I'm going in with a set mind!

Feast your eyes on few Pictures from the concert.....
Took these pictures while I was waiting for my princess sisters to get ready for the show

Untitled Untitled Untitled
pants:American apparel, blazer: ebay, shoes: ash glasses: urban outfiters
In regards to the concert, I initially planned on being a "groupie" for the night; that is, screaming till my lungs couldn't screech a sound or less but I was amazed upon realizing that some people came more prepared than I did, So, I let them have their moments lol,moreover my sisters would've disowned me if I took that chance. Overall the show was a success; It started earlier than I expected it to because we all know how African time works, I felt bad for the folks who strolled in at 11pm-ish to have the show start only to find out, it had ended.


I recorded more videos opposed to taking pictures but unfortunately, I didn't adjust the settings well and I ended up with a clear video but horrendous audio.....my apologies
I had the chance to meet certain lovely people from the blog/tumblr world which I'm still fascinated by; it was a pleasure meeting them, couldn't really take picture *sucks* but I happened to steal certain photos from people lol
Giving a special shout out to Cherie from Africadimebeautyinside she is such a sweetheart.

When I got back from the show, my excited self decided to make a very short video for fun just because I was too lazy to take off my make up which still looked very manageable. Nothing too serious.
Ps : I was a little camera shy *covers face*

Let me know what you think. Like I said I have a giveaway coming up, so be ready for it!
hope you have a lovely week ahead!

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