January 31, 2012

Spare me Time

Its February people!
not too long ago we were all wishing ourselves happy new year right?...smh how time flies!
I've been away from blogger for a minute but I'm going to continue my steady postings..
these past few weeks have been draining from school to work and losing my cell phone.
guess where it got lost?
Super Walmart!
thought I wasn't going to survive but I had less worries though, no form of distraction of any sort. Its funny how these days we humans can be so dependent on technology and we want to slutter demons when it fails us.
for now the only thing I miss are my goofy pictures lol
now to my post!

So I attended my friend Ayo's birthday dinner straight from work *wipes forehead* and it was fun despite my tired self.
Happy Bday once again hun!
Remember the vest I had in rusty not gloomy post I expressed how I fancied it so I paired it up with my thrifted necklace and colorblocked skirt and metal belt

vest-bcbg ((find here) skirt- lulus but cheaper on go jane ((find here) bag& metal belt-ebay, ring-boutique, shoes- zigi ny

Me and the birthday girl!

I apologize for the low quality pictures, had to scrap all sources to find my pics

Accessories are my best things!
was too tired to look for accessories so I used the same as the previous
love my Zara pumps..great steal on the price too, better check out their sales!
Blazer & bag- ebay, top & necklace -thrifted, shoes- zara


Happy new month darls!!
PS I have a video coming soon on my eye brow tutorial, I've been getting a lot of requests on how I do them
Hope you enjoy your day

January 16, 2012

Yes sir!

Tell me why I'm up at 2:11am instead of my butt falling asleep?
 because its MLK day tomorrow today <Martin Luther King> hehe 
so no school or work yes!
This past week has been hectic for me but I like challenging situations, I learn and grow more through them. 
This week is definitely more promising 
quick outfit post for Sunday, spent quality time with my family ( my younger siblings <twins> bday) happy birthday! and also with my honey bun 
Good times!


Its funny how one accessory can change up your attire look, my lil brother told me I looked like an inspector then I decided to go all the way by topping up my mini  hat with it. 

Not to mention... the sad stories I have been hearing from back home (Nigeria) about the fuel subsidies, strikes, flights been cancelled and things. One thing that really struck me in a good way was seeing how everyone came together to protest the issue #OccupyNigeria 
I have high hopes for my country and I know  soon all our problems will be over but it requires serious attention 
I really like this jacket, the ruffles on the shoulders are so unique and edgy 

Trench Coat- Valentino,  Hat- Spiegel (last year), bag- Kate Spade(thrifted), shoes- Colin stuart, Accessories- HOH & ebay

"Yes sir!"

 my mum (middle) and my lovely sisters in their traditional attire  (left and far right ) 

Always remember A lil bit of laughter can brighten up your whole day!
Hope you are all doing well?
see you in the next post!
Enjoy the rest of your day!

January 8, 2012

Don't be scared!


This is kind of an inspired look, not really the look but more of the print and its colors. which is trending atm 
I had few guy friends tell me, any time they think of leopard/zebra print their mind gravitates towards females with skin tight short dresses and tight leggings O_o ...is that true? I had to disagree with that of course lol 


I wanted to challenge myself to mix up this wonderful colors in leopard print like riri.. <absolutely love the dress>(D&G dress)  .. did but I wanted it to be simple as well. Its such a huge risk pairing this print colors together but I thought I should go for it. when I found this prettyful sweater at macys at their "one day sale" lol they have that like everyday. I wasnt really in the mood to dress up so I threw a couple of things together and voila!

Sweater - click here (macys), Top- DIY, Pants- shopakira, shoes- Dolce vita

Accessories- F21 , Ebay, DIY 

I had to keep my make up neutral, didnt want too much going on.

Scored this bad babies for $29 they somehow remind me of my dads shoe from back in the days lol
At the end of the day, I was happy with what I came up with and even happier when the compliments kept coming, 
so the moral of the story is..... (cheesy I know hehe)
Don't be scared to step out/experiment  with colors...its fun! 
would you be willing to try it ?

Thrift and Gist

Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend? just thought to show what I got at the thrift store on Wednesday, Guess what? everything was 50% off !!
 thrifting is fun, some nice adventure.. Not only do you find cheap stuffs but most possess great quality and uniqueness

1) Found this Vintage Signed Monet Classic Double link Necklace, I've been looking for one and I'm glad I found one; I think it is a must have for anybody, it adds some classy aura to a look.

Found a Gold tone collar necklace

Probably my best buy of the day, found this gorgeous heavy chain linked bracelet with an enormous stone, I'm in LOVE!

Finally found a maroon velvet blazer, o my dazes it fits perfectly as well,
would pair it up with an outfit soon.

If you notice all the jewelries are in gold tones because gold compliments my skin tone really well and silver ..ummm not as much
you wouldnt believe how much all 4 of this cost ..*jumping up*

which of the items do you like the most?

January 1, 2012

Don't Dull Sunday

I think the title of this post is very quirky....I was thinking of what to call this and I came up with it lol, please don't ask me why
I hope y'all are having a swell day. As for me, I'm enjoying my small yo plait yogurt and blogging.<dry Sunday> thats why I call this "don't dull Sunday" bcos I refuse to
This is a short post of what I wore to church today.
I'm not really a pink color fan but I wouldn't hesitate to try it on when I can and besides the top is adorable and extremely versatile, I can create up to 10 looks with just this top...yes 10!
Instead of my rambles...feast on the pictures lol 




Kept my accessories minimal because there was already too much going on with the outfit

Top-Metrostyle (3years ago), skirt-random, shoes-two lips, bag-h&m 



Team small boo tay lol

Hope you enjoyed this post, OK I'm going back to my lazing around
later bugs!

All Aboard!

My new years eve party look

where do I start from? the fact 2011 went by so quickly or the part where I'm really grateful for life, family, friends? lol I don't know but one thing I know for sure is Im grateful.

 I'm really thankful to all my readers especially the ones that take their time out to read and comment on my posts and people who have followed my blog and constantly checked my posts. This blog is about 3months old but I'm glad I started this blog and I have the chance to reach out to you through my words/ pictures. There is certainly more to come so buckle up sharp sharp!
This past year I've learnt so much about things and it will be selfish not to share the main points with you guys.
  • First of all I've learnt to love; not that I never did or felt loved, but the fact that I have more appreciation for the people I love and that love me back. I am more open to expressing my feelings without deep regards for what I'd get in return. Most importantly I've learned to love myself, improve my self confidence, knowledge and worth.
  • Although I learnt to love, I also learned not to accept bullshit of any sort; either from friendships, relationships built with individuals and things in general that might not help me in a not so  positive way. I've grown to know my worth and there is always a limit to where one can take plain nonsense, never belittle yourself for anybody. 
  • I've learnt to forgive; forgive people who hurt me, which was also letting go of my pride; this was really hard because I understand forgiveness is me giving up my right to hurt someone/something for hurting me but I'm proud to say I did it, I know tons of people who hold grudges against themselves and the shit never got any better. if you cannot help worrying, remember worrying cannot help you.
  • Slowly but surely, patience is really a virtue and I worked on my patience, still working on my patience;  I cant stand people who waste my time till date but I've worked on my tolerance. I've realized that there is no worth when rushing into things, you get things fast, you loose it faster or appreciate it less. 
  • I've worked/still working on my business mind set, I get inspired/motivated by people with a great business intellectuals, that idea of being sharp, precise and smart about the ideas and decisions you make. It is one essential for me and anyone to have.
  • I've learnt to be free!!! be myself, setting goals and reaching them and not making fizzy excuses(still working on that), speaking up for myself I cannot stress on this any further. It is such a great feeling when you go with your mind and do what you set out to do. I've also learnt to be free for others; helping when I can, if I can. Volunteers are not paid because they are worthless but because they are priceless.
  • Lastly I've learnt to let go, let go of the things that do not matter to me or enhance me positively and hold on to the ones I know do.  It's a funny thing about life...if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.
For this year, I don't have any resolution but I will  progress further into it with more positiveness, creativity and love!
I cant wait to finish my degree too
for all of you who made 2011 a successful year...lets make it even more 2012
I hope I didn't type a long essay lol, I tried my best to keep it simple yet precise
what did you learn?
Once again I wish y'all a very happy new year.
keep keeping on
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