December 24, 2012

Twas the night before Christmas

amaka5 Hey Beautiful people!
I've been super excited about this post, my instagram followers can testify to that.
Had fun taking this pictures with the help of my boyfriend as my lovely was hard to keep a straight face without smiling.

When I saw the pictures, my jaws dropped instantly :)
freaking love it!  hope you do too!
Didn't get to go home for the holidays but I'm wishing safe journeys to you all travelling
amaka8 amaka3 amaka7
Top : custom made by Oyato designs (took about a month before I received this top but it was worth it)
earrings : gifted by Oyato
belt: stolen from babe
skirt: lulus
accessories: aldo

The post is also for a collaboration on youtube with two very lovely ladies
so please check out the video and their channels and also subcribe :)


I have missed you guys dearly, I have tons of posts coming up so buckle up!
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!!!

lots of love xoxo


December 3, 2012

Two Toned Tinz

Happy new month my lovely lovely readers and happy Monday!!
 I can't believe this year is almost over; I'm currently working hard, studying for my finals and hoping for the semester to be over soon.
So bear with me cause I know I've been slacking lol

IMG_0856 IMG_0828 IMG_0838
This look might be a little "too much" for some of you
I've been loving leopard prints for the longest and i'm not surprised it's trending this season!
I wanted to take it to an "ashi" level by spicing up the print but in two different colors; I did something similar to this sometime ago check it out HERE
I love my peplum belt, it is such a staple accessory for my wardrobe and I love the fact i can switch up any look with a touch of this belt to it :)
One key thing about matching clothing with the same prints together would be to make sure the colors compliment themselves well e.g pair bolds with neutrals to tone down the loudness of the prints and also make sure the size of the prints are similar to one another.
I personally can't stand two of the same prints in different sizes paired together
IMG_0854 IMG_0848 IMG_0857
Top:  love this HERE and HERE
Skirt:  Similar HERE AND HERE
Shoes:  ZARA similar and cheaper HERE and HERE
Aviators: LOVE this HERE
"paparazzi go away" lol
it was so much fun taking these pics with my siblings. shout out to Abbot and Freda flow for the wonderful pictures :)
IMG_0835 IMG_0847
Hope everything is going well with you?
I promise I will get all your requests posted  as soon as I can so in the mean time enjoy your lovely day!
what are your thoughts on this look?
would you wear it?
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