October 22, 2012

My First Skydiving Experience/video

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend?
Last 2 weeks were amazing for me, it was my birthday week (thanks for the wonderful wishes) and I got to do a lot of things; 
I got to skydive for the first time ever and those of you on my facebook or instagram must have probably seen the pictures but you know it wouldn't be complete if I don't share it on my blog =) 

It was an awesome experience and YES!! I might try it again (I said might lol) 
I'm I crazy? NO lol
I told my dad about it and he said "absolute madness" hahaha
How did it feel? If you've ever been on a roller coaster ride, you can definitely do this, the whole jump took under 10mins (including the take off) so it was unbelievably amazing!
I would definitely encourage y'all to take risks and be adventurous but not too adventurous, If you decide to participate in such activity, be sure your dealing with a professional company not amateurs, if your in Houston, I jumped through Skydive Spaceland, great company, very professional and their customer service was very commendable
Overall I had a blast and I hope you enjoyed my little clip I made specially for you :)
just relax and everything will be fine
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
My Awesome instructor Ben!!! I had a blast :) thank you
Ofcourse I had to look hot before jumping lol just wear comfortable clothes 
By the time I was done, I looked like i got trapped in a swirling wind or tornadoe smh

Shout out to Omolara for being my wonderful companion or aburo like my yoruba people say lol she made my birthday one to remember...love ya!

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Wish you all a fantastic weekend!
P.S in my last post I put the wrong Facebook page for the company and some people said it wasn't working so here's the RIGHT ONE and don't forget to use coupon code AALL5 to receive 5% off



  1. OMGGGGG I would be sooo freaking scared but it looks amazing!!

  2. I literally screamed for you!! Looks like fun!

  3. That looks like so much fun! It's definitely something I want to try one day. Happy Belated Birthday!

  4. Omgosh babe. I was so nervous for you. This is crazy. I do not have the liver for such. Happy Birthday again!

  5. Were you scared?? Also are you the type of person that is scared while riding a rollercoaster lol? I wonder if I would dare to do this... you're so cool ashi :)

  6. You're such a trooper!! I've always talked about going sky diving but I don't know if I'm as brave as you (lol)

  7. I am with Tomilola Escada on this.I do not have the liver!!!

  8. lucky you..:(...i was going to do this but then the weather changed got to swim with dolphins atleast..next year sha

  9. Wow Wow Wow! You are not afraid of anything.

  10. Aww...glad you had an amazing day :)

  11. HOW FUN IS THAT!!! I wanna try!! hahahah you looked fab doing it too! well done and happy birthday girl!!

  12. I was supposed to skydive this summer, but I had scheduling issues.

    I hope to skydive soon!


  13. Chineke, I was busy shouting here trying to control my fright... I would've been saying hail mary's and the lord's prayer...Boldness girl

  14. Enjoyed watchn... Would def try it someday... If I get d chance

    THERE'S NO WAY! lol
    I don't even like the drop in roller-coasters
    so there's NO way I could do that...willingly lol.

    Wow that's cool though and you looked fab as usual.
    Love it!

    XX Brytani Sierra

    Hate’er Jewelry
    The Hated Jewel

  16. haha im mad the nigerian accent came right out after you finished the jump.... lol. all that adrenaline would bring out the nigerian in everyone.

  17. I don't know how to managed to stay looking pretty while in the air but you go mamaciata, I so wanna do this for my 21st. xo



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