June 29, 2012

It Doesn't Really Matter....

Guess what?!!!
It's Friday my dear people! I'm so glad it's here
Shirt is on sale for $19.99, you can find it here
Still had some pictures from Ohio I had not posted but since its Friday, lets keep it casual.
I wore this when going to the mall, added my bowler hat (which I freaking heart) along with my glasses I thrifted for $1.99, no make up on just a sexy red lip *winks*
 I fell in love with the shirt the moment I saw it, couldn't believe it was from Zara and It also comes in two colors.

I forgot to add that.. ..... It's a mens shirt but it doesn't matter because you can rock anything you want.
You just got to make it werrrkkkkk!!
I got it in a small and it still fit lose but it was fine with me cause it was good for the hot weather


Saw few pictures floating around tumblr and I decided to share it with you all. You can't help but fall in love with the shirt.
PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket
One Nigerian Boy

I have plans with this baby, It is currently on sale at Zara (they just started their sales so check them out)


I just got my Wizkid tickets!!!!!!!!! I'm super excited.
He is going to be in Houston on the 4th of July along side Skales and Mr Banky W!
*doing my azonto*
You seriously don't want to miss it if your in Houston or Texas
Can't wait and I will keep y'all posted on it

If you want to get some tickets call 281-312-9175 (you're welcome)

What are your plans for July 4th?
Love you guys and enjoy your Weekend, I'm currently cooking and I hope I don't burn the food lol
See y'all Later


June 28, 2012

Thrift and Gist!!!

Good morning/ afternoon/ evening lovely people
A lot of you enjoyed the last "thrift & gist" I did, so I have another one
Went like 2weeks ago

This has to be the best one yet!!!!
You will find out as you look through the pictures
everything I hoped to find was FOUND!
"And in that order!"
Ofcourse, I had to dress it up just for you guys to give you an idea of how I will wear it
Some of the items are not thrifted, I will specify them
Found this lovely graphic vest with chain detailing on the bottom; the colors are so vibrant and chic,
*bustier is not included
lol the vest had matching pants! the pants are so cute and they fit so well
but I wouldn't wear them together, its not carnival time
*necklace not included
Found this beautiful maxi evening gown with side slits, have no idea when it will be worn and where but it was too good looking to pass on ..not even with the price!
 I almost lost my breath when I saw this; this kaftan and the prints are gorgeous and the length is just perfect for my height!
 *It was brand new with tags which never really happens when I go thrift shopping Photobucket
If you already know, Ombre is such a huge trend this season, I was actually thinking of doing a DIY on one until I found this skirt! remember the necklace from my last thrifting post?
*shirt not included
I thought about this pants when getting this shirt, I love the color and the floral prints *belt and pants not included

Random silk shirt I though looked good, the quality of the material is amazeeeein
*knickers not included

found this nice purse it really small but its great for a night out
*cuffs not included
 LAST but not the least ..... 
Yes this made me superrrrrrrrrrrr excited Found this YSL "Tribtoo" shoes not really in my size 
but hey who cares lol
 this was the highlight of my whole trip!


I got all this items in one trip for less than $60 
The shoes being the most pricey
* The purpose of doing this is to challenge you or whom ever, to go out, take a break from Forever 21, H&M, Zara and all this boutiques ETC...and go look for thrift stores in your area to explore. 
Trust me you will NOT regret it! 
For people asking where I got all this from, Salvation Army.

The weather in Houston is 102 degrees,
 I can only imagine what I will look like by the end of this summer.
I'm ready for tomorrow to come lol 
see you then!

June 23, 2012

Code blue

had to reverse this top backwards to wear it to Church, the front wasn't  flattering at all!
skirt- lulus (sold out)
cluch- thrift store
belt/accessories: ebay
 I can't explain my love for the color blue arghhh, it's like asking me why I love 'puff puff' (Nigerian snack) lolUntitled Untitled Untitled

Its Saturday!!! Its been long overdue, been waiting for the weekend to come.
 Summer school and work can be so draining. Right now, I'm blogging and doing my homework, then go to work smh
 don't really have anything planned this weekend, just study and work! 

came across this song from madame sting's blog, its the remix to Duncan Almighty's song -'Obianuju' by Efya
the song is so beautiful and she totally changed the song and took it to another level

what are you doing this weekend?
what ever it is, make sure you will be careful and have fun!
later peeps 

June 19, 2012

She came, saw & conquered.....

hellooooooo my darling people!!!!
It's such a beautiful day..
These are more pictures from my Ohio trip. I decided to pair up this skirt with bold colors  from ideeli with a white bustier and blazer. it was super hot and sunny that day but I survived.
The blazer had a sheer material which made it easier and more comfortable
I somehow have a love hate thing with this color on my braids but change is good! 
Some people must have probably seen few of this pictures on my facebook page but It won't be complete without sharing this with you guys =)
Untitled Untitled
Its funny how misplaced my sunglasses looked lol
blazer-ebay , accessories: f21 glasses, jcpenny bracelets
bustier -vintage(my moms lol)
skirt-ideeli (also found on lulus)

My sister is so gorgeous! argh  and well you can also see where the title of the post came from =)
Have no idea why I like this picture but I guess it's cause I took it after washing my hands 
hope you all have a lovely day! 
I always love hearing from you so please let me know you stopped by.
Much love!

June 14, 2012

Oh I O

when I first came to the U.S, I could never pronounce "Ohio State" well
 I used to call it OH-E-O lol 
*please dont tell any one*
hope you missed me!
The day was so bright sigh, my camera settings were off
Photobucket Photobucket
**Day1 of graduation**
So I went there for my Big sister's graduation, I'm so proud of her! 4th engineer in the family (inspired much)
It was so much fun and I enjoyed every minute of it well except the hot sun lol
she had two graduation ceremony

We thought it was a banquet dinner but we didn't know it was a mini graduation ceremony 
bracelets: jcpenny clutch: similar here watch: micheal kors (gift) necklace: ebay earrings:f21
top:American apparel (here)
pants: similar (here) and (here)
Untitled Photobucket Photobucket Untitled

I apologize for my lack of posts, 
The last time I was going to update my blog, was the same time I heard about the Dana plane crash in Nigeria, I was not in the best mood ever.
I've learnt from it and I appreciate my loved ones even more. 
**may the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace.Amen**

I have tons, I mean TONS of posts to come
later bugs!
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