May 25, 2012

Lost but found

Its friday!!!!! 
*singing* "this is how we do it......" 
Its memorial weekend so its kind of like a mini-holiday for lots of people, as for me, I will be working and studying :( but its gonna be a breeze soon like very soon!

 just want to post  lil pictures..more from my trip which I hadn't posted
shirt/cape- ebay,  pants- american apparel riding pants, shoes-DIY spiked shoes (tutorial here)

Last pictures I took before I left for the airport, it was freezing, the weather and I had serious beef...also my first attempt to rock my american apparel riding pants (fell in love with them after seeing them on shirley, proud to say I got this for half the price because i would have cringed paying full price and I was impressed by the quality and how nice they fit. DSC_1677edited

my shoes almost got seized by airport security because it looked like a "weapon" lol I remember asking them if they wanted me to walk with my bare feet till I got to Texas smh

 Night before.....
Had dinner with my friends and  family after Odions graduation ceremony, it was lovely and freezing cold!
to be honest, it was not as sweet as it looks, it was groundnut oil poured on sun baked bread lol 
hey! I still love taking bathroom pictures with silly faces lol 
pictures I took driving to the airport...Wyoming is so beautiful and COLD lol 
Denver airport has got to be one of the most beautiful airports I've been to, the display is breathtaking!
My brothers wife just put to birth a baby girl! so guess who's an aunt!! 
Hope you enjoyed the pictures,
what are your plans for the weekend/mini holiday?
have a wonderful weekend!


  1. love that jacket! beautiful!! congrats dear on your new your make up dear!you need to show me how!

    1. thanks I'm not a very good make up person but I could try :)

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  3. Love the shoes...been trynna do mine like dt too.hopefully i'll very soon :)

    1. thank you Ofure, don't hurry yourself, just take your time and do it little by little and I bet you will love the outcome

    2. Yea..I'll ..thnk you hun :)

  4. The shoes are fierce!

  5. Congrats new aunt! lovely outfit!
    I love the shoes.

    - Maudleen

  6. congrats on being a new aunt and I really love those riding pants I'd love a pair myself

  7. You look gorgeous as usual. I particularly like the cape on the denim shirt...very stylish and congrats on being an aunt! x

  8. I am in love with both outfits!!!!!!!! like seriously they both are everything!!!!! the loafers and striped blazer tho FIRE!!!!!!!

  9. ahhh i have the riding pants in henna too :) i have them in three other colors as well. loveee the studded loafers btw! they're so badass

  10. you look great hun!Looks like you had fun

  11. The cape in the 1st outfit photo is dope! Even though eBay shopping intimidates me (don't ask), there are so many unique things that can be discovered there, for real.

    lolol @ your studded loafers being a weapon.

  12. I just found your blog, you look beautiful and i love love love your style.

    check out my blog

  13. how did you get your riding pants for half off? im extremely interested


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