May 29, 2012

Tulip blues

Lovely lovely people!
missed talking to you guys, I appreciate all the comments I get from you all, it means a lot to me.
I went for a wedding on Sunday and this is what I wore.....
it was super sunny so excuse the shadows lol 

Untitled CSC_0097edited CSC_0104edited
belt/ring- ebay
dress/shoes- Zara
 purse: thrift store (50cents) check out the things I got thrift shopping here
necklace and watch :jcpennys / Micheal kors
Untitled UntitledUntitled
wondered where I could finally wear this Zara dress I bought on sale for $29 and it clicked when it was time to get ready for the wedding


some of my wonderful siblings and my darling parents

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
thanks for your support

May 25, 2012

Lost but found

Its friday!!!!! 
*singing* "this is how we do it......" 
Its memorial weekend so its kind of like a mini-holiday for lots of people, as for me, I will be working and studying :( but its gonna be a breeze soon like very soon!

 just want to post  lil pictures..more from my trip which I hadn't posted
shirt/cape- ebay,  pants- american apparel riding pants, shoes-DIY spiked shoes (tutorial here)

Last pictures I took before I left for the airport, it was freezing, the weather and I had serious beef...also my first attempt to rock my american apparel riding pants (fell in love with them after seeing them on shirley, proud to say I got this for half the price because i would have cringed paying full price and I was impressed by the quality and how nice they fit. DSC_1677edited

my shoes almost got seized by airport security because it looked like a "weapon" lol I remember asking them if they wanted me to walk with my bare feet till I got to Texas smh

 Night before.....
Had dinner with my friends and  family after Odions graduation ceremony, it was lovely and freezing cold!
to be honest, it was not as sweet as it looks, it was groundnut oil poured on sun baked bread lol 
hey! I still love taking bathroom pictures with silly faces lol 
pictures I took driving to the airport...Wyoming is so beautiful and COLD lol 
Denver airport has got to be one of the most beautiful airports I've been to, the display is breathtaking!
My brothers wife just put to birth a baby girl! so guess who's an aunt!! 
Hope you enjoyed the pictures,
what are your plans for the weekend/mini holiday?
have a wonderful weekend!

May 23, 2012

Thrift and gist!!

Beautiful people!
Got a request to show things I've found while thrifting, I haven't shopped or gone thrift shopping in a minute but I do want to show few things I've gotten in the past
everything cost about $30 *don't tell anyone*

did a lil outfit match up because I got excited and I didnt want to show you my mannequins bare parts lol
 so I hope it inspires you
some of the items are not from the thrift store I noted them


found a nice cape with novelty prints, couldn't say no to thing I don't like though would be the shoulder pads, I cant stand over-exaggerated shoulder pads..I would leave it to grandma lol

found this lovely cropped fuchsia blazer, it will add a nice pop of color to my wardrobe..yes!
skirt not included

I jumped when I found this shirt, had it on my mind to purchase but from a regular store, so when my eyes found this striped white and black button down shirt was mine at first touch lol
also found the blue cropped pants but I would alter it because its too big

CSC_0037 vintage gold hammered necklace...need I say more, hot!

found this lovely blouse...
necklace and shorts not included
  DSC_0038also purchased this two lovely velvet purses, the green one has already been worn here

Hope you enjoyed this post, if you'd like to see more do let me know
have couple of DIYs coming cause a sister has been real cheap and creative lately 
till then, have a wonderful day !

May 13, 2012

Dear Mother


 I think Mothers have super powers lol
Words cannot describe my love for you Mom and how I deeply appreciate the wonderful things you've thought me through my life, bringing up 11 kids (yes 11 kids)  is not an easy thing but you've shown me strength and inspire me every day just by how compassionate you are. One thing I know for sure is God will continue to bless and protect you  and give you that strength to continue to be an inspiration for me, our family and others. 
Love you mom
Happy Mothers day! 
 To all the mothers out there...Happy mothers day!

 have a wonderful Sunday people!

May 11, 2012

Graduations and Trips


Hey guess who's back after all her exams! hehe
Im so happy I'm done with this semester, have tons of stuffs to share with you guys
apologize for my lack of constant posts and for those who contacted me about it.

So I went on a trip to Denver for Odion, my wonderful friend's graduation and I enjoyed every bit of it!
so Happy for you dear and I wish you all the best as you progress!
So proud of you dear!
dress-aqua via asos , necklace- amrita singh, shoes- Colin stuart
Untitled Photobucket

 one my of favorite twins! Omo and Odion!
Myself, Omo and Iyo 
I will be posting more pictures later on my Facebook Page so check it out and like/subscribe
feel free to contact me there and tell me what posts you would love to see more
I would hate to spam you all with the amount of pictures I have
I promised myself to stick to more updates so definitely stay tuned
accessories: watch- Micheal kors  bracelets: jcpenny and clutch- thrift store
wanna know why this necklace is freaking gorgeous??
it's reversible! talk about versatile

PS: A big CONGRATULATIONS to those of you graduating as well, Iyo, Stella of J'adore fashion and the rest of you which I don't know of. CHEERS!
more graduations to come (cant wait I finish :) my big sisters' is next month .so excited!
If you still have final exams

for now take care my lovely people
have a wonderful day!

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