April 16, 2012

Colors Full of Sunshine

DSC_1162edited DSC_1157edited

did you enjoy the "lil quickie" post :)
so I got off church and had to meet my team members in school to touch up on our projects and I decided to take few pics on my way back home.
Blazer-thrifted ($3)
shoes and pants-Zara (got them on sale)

 currently the weather is the complete opposite (rainy and dull :( DSC_1148edited DSC_1132

this outfit is full of colors, that make me happy, decided to go bold and explode! DSC_1160edited page
S/O to my lil brother Uche!

I'm feeling very inspired by this song
I'm almost ready for my presentation in school
wish me luck!
let me know what you think! =)


April 15, 2012

A Lil Quickie


I'm feeling very lazy today, I have so much projects and presentations coming..I'm about to start working on one presentation due tomorrow so feast your eyes on a lil "something" more pictures coming soon!
if you opened this post because of the title...
shame on you!
enjoy the rest of your day xo Agatha

April 12, 2012

Bed of roses

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I remember growing up and people saying "life is not a bed of roses" it sounded so cheesy to me but it is so true
tell me your having a swell week! I wish I could say the same but since the semester is coming to an end, so are my project/presentations, so I havent forgotten the love we share =) _CSC1088edited

also loving this clutch, you might probably be seeing this alot :) 
s/o to my lil brother Uche for being my wonderful photographer 
super woman! (indeed lol)
This was a lil something I pulled out for Easter, it was indeed a fun day, spent most of it with my family  and later went to some barbecue with my sisters, 
I'm loving the detailing on the top so I paired it with my pleated pants which I'm loving so much  IMG-20120408-00338edited-horz

Don't you just love how the weather compliments some clothes/ colors you wear?
<gotta love spring!>
Well hope you enjoyed this post, please be patient with me on the videos, I will make them soon!
Many more posts to come!
Enjoy the rest of your week

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