March 29, 2012

Spike up your thursday! (DIY edition)

Dont you feel pinched when you look at these shoes? they are fire! via  (too bad they are sold out)
spikes have been one of my obsessions for a minute. check out my previous spiked outfit here
loving every bit of it and the edge it brings to any look
so I posted a pic of my diy (do-it-yourself) shoes on my twitter about last month and I got replies asking me how I did it...Good thing, I took the pictures!!

materials used: drill, ruler, pencil, screw back spikes via ebay (here) for $18 per 100 spikes and ofcourse your loafers
got tired of wearing my loafers so I decided to spike it out! 
one of those nights when your fighting with sleep and decide to keep yourself busy
BTW the shoes cost about $15 so the project was under $35


  • used the ruler and white pencil to draw 1 inch lines on the shoes (didnt need to be perfect)
  • Step by step created holes in the shoes with the aid of the drilling machine <not as tough as i thought>
  • screwed the spikes on the nut


VOILA!!! in less than 45 minutes (no jokes!)
I might probably finish up the whole shoe but I am enjoying this for now
I get questions everywhere I go about it.
hope you enjoyed this  and are willing to try it out yourself? 
have a wonderful day!

March 22, 2012


Miss me? 
Cause I missed blogging for a minute
Time is such a major factor right now but hey! I'm back!
*doing the running man*

This was the only day/night of spring break I went out..only because it was my friend Lara's bday
had this sweater from evil twin for ages, so versatile and really helped to hide some cleavage so I decided to pair it up with my lulus dynamo dress and a metal belt <which I love>
and ofcourse my lovely zara sandals which were surprisingly comfortable through out
Took this pictures after the night ended hence the sweaty pictures because I almost forgot to

blue-1 (1)

dress-lulus (here) sweater-djpremium last year (similar here) shoes-zara (here) belt-ebay (worn differently here)

one of my awkward moments was trying to give people hugs that night and their hands were getting stuck in the sweater lol
Enjoying your week so far?
many many posts to come bugs!

March 3, 2012

Let it be

One of the things I've learnt so far
If something never happens the way you expect it to
let it be
your weaknesses turn into strength through that




This is a old picture but I decided to post it, Just one of them days you dont want to be sad and you try to be happy. school can be such a pain
So I decided to wear this shirt I had for a while with my blazer/pants from Zara and combat boots <my typical school uniform> 
this hat is my new favorite accessory, if I am short of time or im moody..its kissing my head!

Such a great view of houston from my school 


if only screaming could remove school frustrations lol

See you on my next post!
have a lovely weekend!

Shout Out!

Ever have siblings that share the same birthday  but  are a different age?
well I do!
It's their birthday today, Freda and Tonia!
Love you guys so much!
Happy birthday!





My ashi sisters! lol
so many bday's this month 
happy new month and enjoy your weekend!

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