February 29, 2012

Talk Bold


Last day of the month, so quick! 
Outfit from Sunday. it was so much  fun. 
The dress was an amazing steal inshot the whole outfit was, like for real...for real 
don't know how i feel about the fit of the dress but the  belt helped it alot

Bold colors are so in this season!

I've had this scar on my right hand since 6 or so from playing soccer lol <everyday reminder>


what did you learn this month? 
would tell you about mine my next post!
have a lovely day

February 27, 2012

Dont "Spike" me

Its Monday or dreadful Mondays like some people call it
Hope its going well? 
So I decided to make it not dreadful by posting some fun pics for yall.



I dare you to come close to me without being "spiked" lol
its such a fun look, spikes are kinda like a new obsession for me
I wore it through out friday then at night I changed the pants to skirt and went out with my sis



I was like 6'2 with these shoes...amazing!

I love my shades very 'Karl Lagerfeld' inspired



Walking in these shoes ....you gotta have one thing...

Hope you enjoyed the post? have couple more to post check my twitter to see the sneak peak pics :)

February 26, 2012

Go shawty..its your bday!

Just wanted to wish my darling sister Annette a happy 90th birthday! beauty, brains and total sweetheart...Im so proud of you and I love you Mucho
but wait o, imagine if you were born on february 29th lol ..




We wish you....many happy returns, of the day! long life! and prosperity!

Awards and things

Hey yo hey yo....
hope you guys had a lovely weekend! I sure did and I cant say Im looking forward to this week but I will start it with a positive attitude. I decided to start off with some random things about me


cute blog award (1)

Thanks for all the blogger awards!!! geezz I am so late for this but I want to thank stylesforcurves, dyfine me and minasek for the awards.

Tagged Answers:
  • What is your go to makeup product? my Milani baked blush, it highlights my cheekbones in the most <awesomest> ways
  • What was your favorite fashion trend of 2011? Vintage!!! my love for vintage pieces increased even more as well as my love for chains and spikes, I love the mixture of hard and soft
  • What is your favorite dessert? I would have said 'puff puff' lol but its not so I'd say cake <any kind> love it!
  • Favorite Color? Blueeeeeee...Its too sexy! enough said!
  • What is your middle name? Unoamaka 
  • What was the last song you have listened to? 'chop my money'- Psquare ft Akon, MayD <tight video btw>
  • Cats or Dogs or both? dogs o! I still have that belief about cats and witches..I cant I just cant 
  • Something you guys don't know about me? I have 16 siblings ...yup no jokes 

 Random facts about Me!
  1. I wanted my blog name to have something that connects with my name or part of it instead of anything fashion related even if it is mostly about fashion.
  2. The name "Ashi" comes from my last name which is hilarious bcos in Nigeria the word 'ashewo' means prostitute and here in the states "Ashy" means dry or flaky skin ...lol Ironic yeah? hence "Ironyofashi" <random I know>
  3. I like 'puff puff ' (Nigerian snack) lol just thought I should say it sometimes people tell me my cheeks even look like puff puff smh.
  4. I attempted locks/ dreadlocks early last year <forreal> actually 7months, although it wasn't bad looking, I just couldn't;  I realized the whole "natural" thing worked for few peeps and definitely not me!
  5. I can get overly hyper at times and it overwhelms certain people around me and I tend to 'over explain' things because I like the idea of something to be fully understood.
  6. My love for reading books has increased, I tend to lean towards inspirational books now and I see myself  learning two or more foreign languages in the nearest future.
  7. I have very few close friends mostly because I have a lot of sisters and they are my best friends and truely I cant stand all them girl drama. I dont like stress.
  8. I like to speak my mind regardless of the consequences, it makes my life much easier as well as others
now to the tagging, I enjoy going through a lot of blogs 
so I would like to tag everyone!!!
any randoms you want me to know?


February 11, 2012

Metal deep


I thought about this quote few minutes after I heard about Whitney Houstons death
Her music/ life experience will continue to live through us

This look might be "too much" for some of you guys but good for me cause its exciting
Special Shout out to a fellow blogger Venessia (Style4Curves)! 
Congratulations on your engagement!
love how blogging gives me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people.


sass & bride leggings cost $1200 coped me a pair (similar)  from ebay for $7 SCORE!
also scored the ring for $6 
 went roller skating with my siblings last weekend,  can I say FUN! it was my 2nd time ever skating and I did really well <no jokes>  my younger siblings trained me well
even if my left knee hurt after 
when y'all were "super bowling" I was busy roller skating hehe
I love being a big sister and having younger ones, have the chance to exhibit my playful self
laser tag next! hehe
Have a happy Sunday!
Tell me your enjoying your weekend!
Catch you later!

February 9, 2012

Neon stripes and sequence

this purse and bracelet have been on heavy rotation..I freaking love it!

hey Lovely people!
so last week friday I went to a fashion show/ party and met up with a fellow stylish blogger Debola (check out her blog here
Houston can be so dull most times at times so it was certainly exciting to attend this.

my sis annette (left) yours truly (middle) debola (right)

My camera sucks in dim light but hers did me justice, had to hide mine the whole time lol 
looking forward to more of this soon!
I wanted to go for something playful and neon colors scream it.

top & bag- ebay, skirt- F21, belt- asos (find here), ring- aldo, shoes- vs, bracelet-romwe
I remembered someone telling me I had them "jaw breaker cheeks" when I saw this picture lol 
oh well I guess so
Hope your day went well today? I was off from work and school so I took my time pampering myself with my my sister and studying and I was so relieved .
gotta go to bed now. the week is almost over!!! 
see you on my next post (later bugs)


kachi designs fashion show

Guess what?
I went for my very first fashion show! woohoo lol 
kachi designs (a well know houston designer)
I  didnt really know what to expect but over all I would say it went well 
check out her designs






my best color/design of the night 
I  didnt really know what to expect at first considering the fact the show started 2 hours late ( should've remembered african time) but over all I would say it went well 
just thought to share with you all
tell me what you think!

February 7, 2012

Anytime, Anyday


  Hello everyone!
*updated *
this is a real quick post, I love cold weather cause its an excuse not to keep things simple 
even if its not been really cold compared to other places I took my advantage of it! lol 
im on my lunch break right now but I will come back to update the things I didnt put 
just wanted to show yall! 

finally wore my shoes from here
talk about tall! i was about 6'4 wearing these shoes


it got colder so I decide to change it to my fur vest!


dress, blazer and belt- zara, fur vest- INC (macys) necklace- F21, bracelet- romwe
blogging is addictive!
Gotta go back to work before I'm late lol 
hope yall are having a wonderful day!
later bugs
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